Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Syrian Boy's Story

A story, for us to ponder..


About Me
Hello, my name is Badr. I am a Syrian boy in Syria.
I go to school & play soccer in the street like everyone.

My Dead Brother
Last week, my brother was killed.
He was in a bag, laying in front of our door.

No, not my brother! PIECES of him.

I thought I was dreaming. I couldn't see clearly anymore.

Then I saw the bracelet on a bloody hand.
It had 'BEST' written on it.
I have the other half 'Brother'. He gave it to me on my 8th birthday.

I ran to my room. I felt the whole world crying.


I can't understand WHY?
Why they kill my sweet big brother?
Because he wanted freedom?

I remember he promised to fight for our freedom for our future.
That was the last time I saw him alive.

But why was his body tortured this way?

I heard my mom screaming, and my tears burning.

2 days later..
At night, we hear banging on our door.
I try to be brave but I was shaking, my mom too..

We don't have electricity, I couldn't see anything..

I felt my mom tears on my cloth as they broke the door..
I was hiding..
I was scared..

Men with guns were yelling, breaking our place apart.

One man was holding gun to my dad head.

'Is freedom what you want?' he said.

'Freedom is what we want!' My dad screamed.

They shot him and laughed...

I couldn't feel my body.
I couldn't cry..
Couldn't breath..

Don't We Deserve It?

Don't we all deserve our freedom?

I start to understand what was happening in the streets.
Gun shots, cries, and yells..

To me it sounded like freedom being torn.
Why can't we say whatever we want?
Why can't we feel safe in our own country?

My dream was destroyed,
My family destroyed,
My country destroyed..

By who?
By the people who were meant to protect us.

This isn't just a nightmare, that I'm struggling to wake up from.
Syria is really bleeding :(

What Will You Do?

Will you just pretend we don't exist?

If we don't speak up now together
Our freedom will stay in a question forever..


This story does not end here..
It means that there are a lot more to do!

To awake the ummah!
To shake the tyrant!

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