Thursday, March 14, 2013

3 Idiots That Aren't Idiot


Alhamdulillah, ALLAH have given me the chance to watch this beautiful film (although I chose to watch it at an inappropriate time). Was looking for an inspirational movie and thought of this film recommended long ago by my friends who've watched it. Yes, it is an inspirational enough especially after I took some time to reflect upon the content of the movie.

The Characters, Stories, Take Home Messages

This film underlines the story of 3 man with different characters and with their unique,own stories.. And yes, each story has its own message for us.

3 of them; one has mountainous passion to learn, not just remembering what's in the book nor just passing the exam.
The other has no interest in engineering but in photography yet enrolled in the engineering school.
While another is ringed by his fear of big responsibility held on his shoulder (paralyzed father, hardworking mom, unmarried sister).

Live Up Your Own Dream
This story starts with the birth of a boy named Farhan who has been determined to be an engineer by the wish of his father. As the story continues, few other characters are revealed to be in the same boat as Farhan;
  1. Pia, daughter of the Director of Imperial Engineering College, Prof Virus - a doctor
  2. son of the Director of Imperial Engineering College, who ended up killed himself before the entrance exam

Yes, being a good child is to obey your parents' wish and command. However, in determining one's future is not in the hand of a parents nor anyone else. The choice should be ours. Doing things that doesn't fit your interest and ability is really a mistake that might not only affect you yourself (emotionally, motivationally) but it may also affect the society (eg; irresponsible, ignorant engineer).
Be who fits you the most, others should not decide for you. Yes, no one else should decide for you but you should always welcome other's opinion and sharing of experience.

p/s: Ahha.. As muslims, don't forget that when you want to decide you should always do istikharah. This is really3x important! Does this seems to be contradictory to my statement earlier (others should not decide for you)?
Let me explain more.. As ALLAH has created us with HIS wisdom (hikmah) and knowledge ('ilm), HE ultimately knows what is best for us. HE give us the opportunity to choose yet turning back to HIM is always what HE want from us. So, letting ALLAH to guide you to the best result is an act of worship, showing that you always need HIM and you're seeking to please HIM.

Be Passionate
Rancho is an extraordinary yet humble student (provided that he is a genius). He seeks to learn by heart not through remembering what books say. He wishes that the educational system could be changed for the better; teaching students to enjoy the learning process, not pressured by the system that value only those who are excellent on paper. 

Chatur, symbolizes the students that just follow the provided system. He only remembers what book says, thus he is considered excellent by the lecturers. Since he never care to understand something rather just remembering, his altered speech that contains bad words about the Principal and The Minister causes him a humiliation.

Subhanallah, isn't this so true? That we should try to understand things, not remembering. How do you understand things? Of course using your heart. Thank to ALLAH, our brain is created to have an enormous ability store large,many information from the learning but to have an understanding towards the information stored ALLAH has given us another tool; our heart.
Remember ya; storing information is brain's work while understanding the info and knowledge is our heart's job.

Build up courage, never afraid to fail
Raju has big responsibility. He knows that he need to be excellent for the sake of his family. The black and white background of his story do bring a deep meaning as to symbolize his dull life that is driven by his responsibility and the problem of poverty he's holding. The problem and responsibility make him afraid of failure. His friend keep on reminding him to find the joy of studying and that can only be achieved if he put away all the fears and what burdening him. Not literally throwing them away but just to make him be sure that everything will be fine. Like he always repeats; ALL IS WELL.

As for muslims, this is what our religion teaches us, to put our reliance upon ALLAH totally - tawakkal. Let HIM be your representative (al-wakeel) after you've put all your effort sincerely to gain HIS pleasure (mardhotillah). As you do your part, HE'll later take charge of everything. If HE give you success, it is just because HE know that you could be grateful to HIM. If HE give you failure, it is because HE know that failure will bring you closer to HIM (as you will make more sujuud and cry more to HIM while others are sleeping, no? :D )

Theme : Friendship
And interwoven in the story - all the way-, is the message of looking for a good friend. Good friends that will hold your hand to realize what's important in your life. A friend that can tell you that what you're doing is destroying yourself and your future. A friend that doesn't value you according to your wealth or social rank. A true friendship. Subhanallah.

Got more to say but I think I have to stop now~ insyaa ALLAH, will try to share more later,ya~!
May everyone get something beneficial from this and may all of us are granted with HIS guidance to HIS mardhotillah. Ameen.

Warning : Watching movies when you have big exam around the corner is not the right thing to do!

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